Copying light state from one light to another

I have a bunch of lights around the house that are in pairs and kept getting annoyed at having to manually try to get them to the same color/color temp. I looked around to see if there was already a script to do this somewhere, but all I could find was people suggesting automations to keep them always in sync which wasn’t really what I wanted.

So I put together this little script to copy the state from one to another. With some small tweaks it might also work for copying one light to multiple other lights, but I haven’t actually tried that yet.

Why not group them?

Because I don’t generally want the on/off state of the lights to be synced. I could still make them a group just for setting color but use the individual controls for on/off, but this felt easier for my use case than having to think about when to use the group vs the individual :man_shrugging:

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