Coral TPU PCIE not recognized

Hello! I recently purchased a coral tpu pcie card and installed it on my computer running the generic hassos. I read that around OS 6, the drivers for coral were included, but have not been able to get frigate to recognize it. Is there a trick to getting hassos to load the driver’s or should it happen automatically?

In frigate I have

    type: edgetpu
    device: pci

What hardware are you running hassos on? Are you certain it works with the pcie version of the coral tpu? I had been reading about it when looking them up and it sounds like many devices do not since it has some unusual requirements on capabilities that most devices apparently don’t do. For example, to my knowledge no rpi supports it according to this issue:

I did put one on backorder a while ago so I have been half keeping an eye on it hoping to find hardware that definitely works with it before one arrives.

What are the outputs of running lspci on the host?

Thanks for the replies guys. It was my mistake, I’ve upgraded my laptop with ssd and ram and has worked great, so much so that I didn’t realize how old it actually was lol apparently it’s only pcie 2.0, according to the datasheet it must be 3.0. Found a mini PC on eBay so hopefully that solves it. Thanks again for the quick replies.