Coral USB With Frigate on Virtual Box

I am running Ubuntu 20 dual booting on a 2012 macmini with a virtual Box machine running HASSOS.

I have a Coral USB and although this works on Ubuntu and the USB is enabled on the VB settings Frigate cannot detect it and I get …

frigate.edgetpu INFO : No EdgeTPU detected.

Here is the relevant section from my frigate.yml

    type: edgetpu
    device: usb

Any thoughts as to how to make Frigate see the Coral USB please?

Try reading here-

Thanks @ardysusilo that seemed to be windows focused but I got working by:

  1. adding user to vboxusers Youtube video
  2. Then adding a dummy USB filter like this article

I wonder what Coral USB do you have?
Would you please share a photo? Is it type-c ?

Does anyone know if there is Coral USB with USB-A ??
My QNAP don’t have Type-C

Coral USB comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable.