Core 2022.4.1 crashed all of my Z-wave devices

I saw this:

Then updated, and got this notification:

invalid config

And when I checked my configurations prior to rebooting:

zwave not found

A restore to last night’s snapshot brought everything back.

So, was there something I was supposed to do when the Z-Wave integration was depreciated?


From the Release Notes for 2022.4:

  • Z-Wave (the old zwave integration), was previously deprecated and is now removed. Please use Z-Wave JS instead. (@frenck - #67221)

I was afraid of this. I have been running Z-wave devices for a few years and haven’t touched them or the integrations since. I found the migration wizard, and started it.

Fifteen minutes later, Home Assistant had stopped. I waited about ten minutes and HA was still unresponsive, so I connected with SSH and was ready to reboot the host when HA started working again. After which, the Integrations page was unchanged. The Z-Wave integration was still showing “depreciated” and the zwave: lines in configuration.yaml were still there. I read the manual configuration that a reboot was necessary, which explained the reboot in the migration wizard- but ten minutes?. Thanks for the warning.

I would appreciate some help, please.

I found the discussion more appropriate to my question here: