Core.entity_registry: a purpose of this file

Got some questions related to the “core.entity_registry” file, like:

1.Some entities are not present in this file. For instance: zone, some yaml-defined integrations like scrape, Traccar device_trackers (but I have plenty of earlier deleted scrape entities here).
Another example: have plenty of “history_stats” sensors, only 4 of them are present in the file (2 of of them are “orphaned”).
My guess is that only entities with unique_ids are present in this file…

2.A purpose of a “deleted_entities” section (asked here earlier).

Does any documentation exist for this “core.entity_registry” file???

  1. Not every integration uses the entity registry

And yes, the developer docs (linked there) explain about it.

Thanks for the reply!

Could you elaborate what this “yes” means? Is it an answer to some my question?

Also, the link have no info about these orphaned entries, what is a purpose of that “deleted_entities” section.

My understanding (and I may be wrong) is that if you re-introduce the deleted device, it can be re-configured using its previous settings.

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This could be a possible explanation.
But let me paste info from some my another post:

Currently there are 99 entries (i.e. “deleted_entities”):
– 52 entities from “Demo” integration - this integration was added and then deleted, but all entities are still here;
– 13 entities from “Scrape” integration (created in UI) - same, was added and then deleted, but entities are still here (filled in issue for this);
– 3 entities with “automation.new_automation” ID;
– 11 entities from “Mobile App” integration for some iPad - and entities with SAME entity_ids are also present as “normal” and functioning;
– 1 entity from “Virtual” integration - same story: integration was added in yaml, then deleted;
– 19 helpers added via yaml, then deleted.

Here some questions, like:

  1. I played with some integrations (added/deleted), they definitely had entities with unique_ids - but I do not have them in this file now. Seems that some integrations “clean up” their entities, some do not. For instance, the “Demo” integration was deleted - but its entities are still here.
  2. Why some input helpers are here? And many helpers were made in UI (and then deleted) are not in the file. And helpers which are in the file - were made in YAML, and I had plenty of helpers which were made in YAML and then deleted - they are not in the file.


Ah, I see, thank you))