Core installation on Pi5 Raspbian?

I got my new Pi5 and installed Raspbian and PiHole. When I went to use the docs to install HA Core it borked because I don’t have a new enough Python. It seems the required version won’t hit Raspbian for quite some time. I’m wondering if the devs will be providing some guidance on best practice? For now I used the last version of HA that seems to support my OS. I don’t want to use a container if at all possible.

The doc says:

This guide assumes that you already have an operating system setup and have installed Python 3.12 (including the package python3-dev) or newer.

Why would a Raspberry Pi How-To assume I have 3.12?

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Thanks Francis, I had found your thread. I was also hoping to hear from the authors of the Docs. Yours seems to be the most viable option at the moment. I just don’t think the Installation Guide should lead everyone down a path that leads to failure. If the missing Python version were a very short term situation I could understand it. But this seems longer term.

Core is considered an ‘advanced’ installation, and if you have the skills to install a Core installation, you are supposed to have the skills to compile python 12 yourself. I don’t agree, but I’m not a dev.

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Compiling Python is one thing. All the trouble it can get you in with other stuff is another. It’s not as bad as trying to replace gcc with a newer version, but it’s a fairly heavy lift. I’m a sysadmin, not a dev. I support folks running both rails and django.