Core integration "Schedule" does not display the UI any more

The UI for the core integration “Schedule” no longer displays.
I am unable to add, remove or edit helpers of the “Schedule” type.

Are you saying that “Schedule” is missing from the “Create helper” menu here?


Which version of Home Assistant do you have, when did you upgrade, and when did you notice that “Schedule” was missing?

The “Schedule” option is available in the list when creating a helper, but when I try to create a new helper or edit an existing one I get a blank window such as this.

My version is the latest, “Home Assistant 2023.8.4”, but I am not sure from which version onwards this started.

I’ve had that happen fairly often since about the 2023.7.1 release on several different types of entities, it will just display like your screenshot. So far, for me, a simple page reload has solved the issue. Have you tried clearing your cache and reloading the page?

I’m still using 2023.8.3 so I can’t confirm if this is a bug in 2023.8.4. What I can confirm is that I can create/modify a schedule in 2023.8.3.

I doubt this will fix it but it’s easy to do and worth trying: while viewing the page shown in your screenshot above, clear your browser’s cache (typically CTRL-F5).


Ninja’d by CO_4X4. Looks like clearing the cache might (temporarily) fix the problem after all.

I did the Cntrl-F5 trick and didn’t work.
I actually tried it on a different/clean browser.
I get a similar behaviour when trying to create a new schedule.
I get to the dislplayed popup and then when I press the “create” button nothing happens.

Sorry to hear that failed to work for you.

I can’t replicate the problem you’re experiencing so I don’t have a way of trying different things to find a solution. Hopefully someone else can help you. If no one does then you may wish to consider posting the problem as an Issue in Home Assistant’s GitHub Frontend repository.

Thanks for your time.

This seems tto affect more than just the schedule helper:

Thanks, the F5,Cntrl-F5 fix did do the job.