Core Release Notes Link

When a new core version is released, is the link to the release notes exposed anywhere that can be used in an automation?

Currently I’m using two version sensors to detect current and new core versions, and triggering a notification when they mismatch:

- platform: version
  name: Current Core Version
  image: raspberrypi4
  source: local

- platform: version
  name: Latest Core Version
  image: raspberrypi4
  source: hassio

It’s working fine, except I’d also like to include a link to the release notes in the notification. But using those sensors, the link isn’t exposed anywhere that I can find.

I have something similar for new supervisor versions and the link is exposed there. Can this be done with core, or would this need a feature request to add it to the latest sensor above?

The updater integration should include the link to the release notes as far as I can see.

Thanks both :slight_smile:

@Burningstone - that would work, but if I remember well that updated sensor only fires once a day. So for the initial period of the first monthly release, it may be out of date.

@francisp - hadn’t seen that page before. I was initially thinking of the web page version, but that GH link might be a nice alternative as it’s fixed.

I think I’ll add both, with the GH as the primary link. Most useful information though, thanks both.

service: notify.persistent_notification
  message: >-
    Core update from {{ states('sensor.current_core_version') }} to {{
    states('sensor.latest_core_version') }} available

    [Notes]( {{ state_attr('binary_sensor.updater','release_notes') }} ) -
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