Core - Rlelease 2024.2.2 (last stable) on Ubuntu LTS 22.04.4 (last stable)

I have Ubuntu LTS 22.04.4, last stable LTS Ubuntu. I have installed Home Assistant (core) the newest available is 2023.7.3, but I would like the last release 2024.2.2.

Is this even possible? When I try to install it says i’m in the last one, and if I mention it by release says is non existant. Is this to do with the LTS having an outdated Python version? Is it possible at all to get the latest Home Assistant on the latest Ubuntu LTS?

I am generally not fussed about the “latest” and more about stability, hence having LTS. However with Home Assistant there has been a substantial change on how Tuya devices are handled, meaning the only way is to use the latest one to be able to use/add Tuya devices (via cloud).

Are you also running supervised?

If not and if core is all you need then why not run core under docker?

BTW to clarify, you want 2023.7.3 not 2024.2.2 ?

The other way around, I would like 2024.2.2 . Not running Supervised, just Core without the supervisor.

I’m running Ubuntu LTS but have core running in a container as the supervisor/core installation isn’t supported and pretty tricky to get right

Do you have any reservations against running core in docker ?

You need to install python 12, then you can install latest HA Core.