Core shut down? Troubleshooting Help

HAOS v11.5 virtual machine in Proxmox. Home Assistant v2024.2.1

In the past week or so, I’ve had Home Assistant become unresponsive two or three times. Each time the VM was still running and pingable, but no HA homepage. I didn’t do any troubleshooting, just did a reboot of the VM and things came back.

It happened again today and I had time to look into it. I was able to console into the VM from Proxmox and from what I could tell, Core was shut down. I looked at the Core logs and it was hard to tell what preceded the shutdown because I couldn’t figure out a way to scroll back through the logs.

I did an HA CORE START and everything came back up, but the core logs appear to have been overwritten so there’s nothing I can investigate.

Looking to the next time this happens - how can I get a better view of or download the full logs before I restart things?

After a restart, the previous log is saved in home-assistant.log.1 (same directory where configuration.yaml is)

Thank you!

That file doesn’t seem to have the lines about core shutting down that I saw in the console, but hopefully it will still give me something to dig into.