Core Squeezebox integration volume step too great (5)

Hi, I would like the volume step to be 1 instead of 5. The volume increases/decreases too great that makes listening to music unusable.

The reason behind this is because I am using the HA Squeezebox entity in Remote 2 ( and the media player is using the value defined in homeassistant/components/squeezebox/

   async def async_volume_up(self) -> None:
        """Volume up media player."""
        await self._player.async_set_volume("+5")

    async def async_volume_down(self) -> None:
        """Volume down media player."""
        await self._player.async_set_volume("-5")

I did a test myself by modifying the value and they work. The volume step on R2 is now 1, which was previously 5.

I am not sure if this can be flagged as a bug so I requested a feature instead.

Please take a look at this. I appreciate it.

I am not sure if this is deliberate or not, but it would be great if it were configurable. Most squeezebox software like squeezer has it configurable.

You could try writing a script to increase/decrease by 1, but not sure how that would work in with Remote 2, as I don’t have one.

It is not possible at the moment. The remote uses the HA entity as it is configured in the core media player component from Squeezebox.

So you can’t assign a remote button to a script or automation?

No it is not possible. I don’t want to have any scripts or workarounds just to make the volume work. I know you can do this in HA and I am familiar with scripts and automations. It is not that. It should just work out of the box with the correct volume step. I just add it as a media player in R2 and it takes the HA attributes as defined in the of Squeezebox. I wonder why the volume up/down is 5. This is not normal.

The author had to choose something. S/he chose 5. As you have identified, you can change it in the source. I suggest converting to a custom component and setting what you want.

When you say this is not normal, there is at least one other media player integration (mpd) that uses 5.

Also the cast integration uses 10. Webostv uses 1. Onkyo uses 1.25. so what do you say is “normal”.

Yes, I already did that to prevent being overwritten after an update. I requested this feature hoping this would benefit the community as well. :wink:

Oh that was according to me “not normal”. I don’t know about other media players so I can’t say anything about the user experience outside of HA.

There is maybe a reason why the author chose 5 instead of 1. So I am curious to the feedback from the author.

I wasn’t talking about outside HA, I was talking about how HA implements volume_up and volume_down