Core update issue on raspberry pi3b

Hi all,
I have homeassistant running on my raspberry pi3b since april 24.
every update of core made trouble. Last Core Updates i did in safe mode.
But now since July it is also nit working, also not in safe mode. No message is vissible, there is a reboot but uodate is still available.
Do you have an idea what to do?

How much space do you have left ?

62% and 9,3GB

Do you have one of the SSH add-ons installed ?

Yes I have
Advanced SSH & Web Terminal
Terminal & SSH installed

You could try in one of the SSH

ha core update --version 2024.7.1

Reboot twice, but still no update.
Just seen that 2024.5.4 ist installed

The pi3b only has 1Gb ram, stop all your add-ons, then try again. You can enable them again after the update.


But i found error:

2024-07-08 17:18:36.640 ERROR (MainThread) [aiohttp.server] Error handling request

I don‘t know if it helps :rofl: