Coronavirus data needs a date

I have been monitoring the data from the Coronavirus integration. I am running the latest 106.6
The data is being reported correctly from the John Hopkins site but it seriously lags other sources.
For example, I am in Australia and the number of deaths is 5 not 3 as of this post time. The number of recoveries has remained stagnant for many days.
It would make the data more meaningful if the date of last update was available.
I though I saw that the API did contain this data?
Is this something that could be done?

There’s a rest sensor that provides the last update.

Thanks you but what is the date stamp?
The date shown
Is the date/time shown the last time the JHU data base was read or is it the date stamp of when the JHU data was updated?
I have been seeing quite a lag (days) from reported data in the media to the JHU data.
For example if there was a death today when is that death input to JHU and its it date stamped?
The data is meaningless unless this time frame is known.

The integration updates hourly. The time your arrow points to is usually the time the sensor updated.

Thank you.
This is what I thought it might be.
The lag then is in JHU gathering?
Not much we can do about that then. :anguished:

Yep, even scraping JHU has about a 4-5 hour lag. Best that we can get :man_shrugging: