Correct Network Manager install still results in Unsupported Status

Hi! Long time user of Home Assistant and I am in love with the project.

Today, I noticed that my install is unsupported. Supervisor reported that it was due to the operating system (docker storage and logger) and incorrectly configured Network Manager. I followed the instructions to correct the operating system issue.

I then followed the steps to correct the network manager issue. However, after hours of troubleshooting, I am noticing some strange behavior with the Supervisor’s Network Manager check. The Supervisor only reports my setup as supported when I click “Change” on the IP Address in the Supervisor and change it to static. As soon as a change the IP back to DHCP, the Supervisor reports that my setup is unsupported.

I would prefer for the machine’s IP to be managed by my switch via DHCP. Is this the intended behavior of the HA Supervisor?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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