Correct procedure to modify manufacturer_specific.xml & add/test new device config xml?

I’ve read the OpenZWave Wiki for adding new devices. I’ve had limited success with my Good Way TD14000 RGBW controller and iblinds from HAB Home Intelligence. I’m running openzwave/all-in-one in a docker on my Pi where my RaZberry card is and HA on a Debian 10 box. I’ve got all the above sorted but I need to know how to test my XML changes! Documentation refers to “make xmltest” from top level directory but it reports: “make: *** No rule to make target ‘xmltest’. Stop.” So far my only option to get xml to update is “docker stop ozwd && rm ozwcache_0xc6613700.xml && docker start ozwd”. There’s got to be an easier faster way…

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Not sure if you have fixed this, but I managed to get this working:

First, install git if you have not done that already.

sudo apt-get install git

Then install xmllib2 utils:

sudo apt-get install libxml2-utils

Create a new folder where to clone the repository to. I have created /home/pi/ozw-git

mkdir /home/pi/ozw-git

navigate to the newly create folder

cd /home/pi/ozw-git

Clone the ozw repository:

git clone

now make the changes you want in the files in the ozw-git folder
make sure you save all your files after editing
To test the files, have your command prompt at /home/pi/ozw-git-open-zwave
Here you can run:

make xmltest

EDIT: a little bit too soon. I am able to validate the files, but it still throws an error…
EDIT2: turns out I was missing a module. After running apt install libxml-simple-perl I was able to validate all files.

Hey thanks! I never did get anywhere with make xmltest!
I just painstakingly and carefully edited the xml files and documented what I changed in notepad so I could undo what I changed and try again…