Corrupted configuration.yaml, how to recover. Need help

Hi. I was just editing my configuration.yaml file from SAMBA when my Notepad++ got crashed along with my Windows. When I opened the file again, configuration.yaml was totally EMPTY. I went to Appdata/Roaming/Notepad++/backup folder but it was empty too. It seems the program didn’t had time to backup the file before the crash error (all my pc went off, i had to make a hard shutdown)

I didn’t make a backup before of the config file… I didn’t make a snapshot backup neither… Yes, really silly of my part. Shame on me :c BUT my Hassio still works just PERFECT because I haven’t made a restart yet… Hassio is still being loaded with my good config file. My question is, can I recover the file someway?. Where is the configuration.yaml that Hassio is actually reading? I have SSH and SAMBA access. I was looking for the file but i didn’t find it… I also made an Snapshot through Hassio Addon but it backups my corrupted configuration.yaml file… Please, tell me that i can recover my config file yet :c In any moment my Hassio is going to restart and its gonna load that empty config file and its going to die. I just wanna cry. Please HELP

PS. Sorry for my english!

If you didn’t make a backup or snapshot before this happened you are out of luck. There is no way of getting your current config out of HA unfortunately - others have asked.

Check the windows temp files sometimes there’s something there. You might be able to rename it and recover it all

I looked for it, but nothing… I just want to die… I havent restarted HA yet so it keeps working fine. Now i’m trying to rewrite all my config file. I was working on it for 2 months. I feel so stupid cause I didn’t make a single backup…

You need Syncthing