Corrupted eMMC with ODROID-N2+

Hi, I am using a ODROID-N2+ to run home assistant.

After a couple of months, it suddenly stopped working. Red LED solid. Blue LED off.

In SPI mode Petitboot does not start up. Blank screen, Red LED and blue LED solid.

With removed eMMC Petitboot starts up fine and I can access the shell. Red LED solid. Blue LED flashing.

I noticed that Petitboot would start if I lift up the eMMC a tiny bit on one end. I guess the eMMC now doesn’t make full contact to all pins or maybe it now has better contact? Anyways, with the card being crooked like this Petitboot starts up but if I press any key on the keyboard I get the message “Failed to launch petitboot, dropping to a shell”.

With that setup ls /dev/mmc* reports multiple entries (mmcblk0, mmcblk0boot0, mmcblk0boot1, mmcblk0p1 to p9, and mmcblk0rpmb).

If I connect to OTG and run ums /dev/mmcblk0 only one partition “hassos-boot” shows up with a size of 25.2 MB.

Does anybody have a clue what is going on? Is there a chance I can save the data?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Also posted this in the ODROID Forum)