Cortana integration now possible?

@Nutti85 I created an app that register custom cortana commands

Hello. Any chance to get some assistance with your app?

How can I help you? the installer is located on the folder: AppPackages/HassVoiceCmd_1.0.3.0_Test

Thanks for reply. I’m really want to integrate Cortana to HA. And you approach seems to me very interesting. I have tried to launch the HassVoiceCmd_1.0.3.0_Test. But got error of certificate.

Also, tried from Visual Studio, and getting many errors as well.

Please, assist me to start it anyhow. Thanks in advance.

Sorry I have not check messages for a while
Did you get the Cortana commands working?

Yeah, I have figured it out. Good solution, by the way. Thanks seems to be broken?

I renamed it sorry

I keep on getting a multitude of errors, starting with the program not even able to run. Something wrong with the debugging. I have been trying all night and still can’t get this thing to work.

Please help, the problem is one line that says something about debugging

            if (global::System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached) global::System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break();

So i was having a lot of issues but i think i got it all sorted out, how do you set special commands. Like instead of “turn on the red and orange” (red and orange is a scene for my room) can i say “Set Livingroom to warm”

I probably shouldn’t be getting into this yet, since I barely understand how to setup HA as it is. but I dl Visual Studio, the zip files for the two required libraries but the third link mentioned seems to broken.