CoRui WIFI Bluetooth Socket - ESPHome with Bluetooth Proxy? Is it Possible to reflash firmware?

I just had a little crazy idea.

Does anyone know if CoRui WIFI Bluetooth Socket are based on ESP32?

It would be very nice to annable Bluetooth Proxy on them… If it is possible?


Nope. ESP32 DevBoard costs $5, so smart plug with ESP32 (if it exist) can’t cost less $5.
Also there are next notice in description.

The Bluetooth function in WiFi Bluetooth products is the Bluetooth fast connection function used by the product during the pairing process, which speeds up product pairing, and has no practical effect on subsequent use. The Bluetooth function is to let you push the plug to connect to WiFi when you open the APP and the device is turned on, not to directly connect to the socket through Bluetooth.

So it seems to be a regular esp8266 socket. I am also looking for a esp32-based smart socket.