Cost Readings incorrectly calculated

I have added a static cost into the Energy dashboard for Electricity (0.33 GBP/KwH) but it doesn’t calculate the cost correctly - calculates £99 instead of about £12. Can this be fixed?

Home assistant does not currently support daily fixed charges. You can vote for the feature to be added here: Energy fixed costs

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I am a bit confused. In the Energy dashboard, one of the options is to add a static cost price to the electricity consumption. Are you saying this doesn’t work?

Sorry I thought you meant a fixed daily cost.

The static cost per kWh should work.

Ok. Any ideas why the math seems to be wrong then? Does the dashboard struggle with the fact that it is small decimal cost that is less than 1? (e.g. 0.33 GBP)

I use costs as low as 0.08 $/kWh and it works fine. However I store my costs in input numbers (so I can change them easily from the frontend) and use the “Use an entity with current price” option.

Thanks. Very odd. Do you mind sharing your code on how you do this and I can try and emulate?

It’s just an input number helper.

  name: T93 Peak Energy Cost
  mode: box
  min: 0.00000001
  max: 100.00000001
  unit_of_measurement: "$/kWh"
  icon: mdi:currency-usd


Thanks again. I have got this to report correctly but I think there is some residual costs from previous incorrect prices that is inflating the price. Do you have any idea where this is stored so I could correct this?

Developer Tools → Statistics. Click on the ramp icon to the right of the entity.

Also fix any issues HA finds there.

Thanks vey helpful. Do you know if there is a way to import data rather than use the statistics page?

I have fixed incorrect values on Developer Tools → Statistics, and this corrects the graphs immediately, but the price calculation remains wrong. How can I ask it to re-calculate the cost?

Struggeling with the same issue, did you find any solution?