Cosy toes (UK electric underfloor heating)

Hi there.

Has anyone worked on electric underfloor heating, and how to integrate it into HA? The system does not support 3rd party integration. So I’m considering either a Shelly relay, or something like a Tuya thermostat.

I’m interested in peoples views on the two approaches, and any experience you can share

I was thinking is it possible to simply remove the existing thermostat controller and drop in one of these ZigBee Smart Thermostat Programmable Temperature Controller for Electr – MOES

That way I have zigbee control, using the existing underfoot heating mat, connected to this new thermostat controller.

Seems logical, I’m just trying to work out if I’m missing something!


Just looking myself and wondered how you’d go on. I was even thinking about combining an Aqara Motion / Temp Sensor with a Shelly Relay but these Thermostats are quite cost effective.



Hi Gary,

They’re not installed yet, but will be (replacing the cosy toes units). I’ve three of the Zigbee Moes thermostats. I tested the WiFi versions, but there is an issue with the WiFi models and how they report temp values into Home Assistant. The Zigbee ones work fine, and I’ll be installing them in the coming months. Two of the rooms are kids rooms, they’re old enough to have their own phones so the automation for heating will be based on their presence in the house. If they’re not there, then the heating won’t come on in those bathrooms.