Couch control with Home-Assistant


I would like to introduce you to another project of mine. For this I have integrated the control of the motor of my couch to Home-Assistant.

If you are interested, maybe I can create a tutorial how to do that. But I noticed that the individual motors are controlled differently. A generic solution would be hard to find and need help from the community.

But here is a video of what I did…

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Nice. What did you use as position sensors?

For now: time :slight_smile:

I measured the time it takes to go up and down and used that as positions.

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Nice work. I have the same think with a triple recliner. Started out with a Pi controlling it via Ruby and it now uses a Particle Photon.

I also use time to position the seats. It’s worked fine for about 6 years now.

Really nice! I am now officially jealous.

Hee hee, love it! Unbelievable what intelligent people come up with to support their lazyness. :wink: Enjoy!

Next project: A floating chair. :rofl:


Hey @napsio this is great a tutorial would be really helpful please. Thanks

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I had already done this for an electric slatted frame and now I have adapted the circuit. I solved this with an ESP8266, a few relays and some other parts.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So true :slight_smile: and thanks for the inspiration for my next project :stuck_out_tongue:

I had already thought about it and also started to write a tutorial, but during my research about the different motors that are used, I noticed that there are many different ways to control them. I haven’t found a generic solution yet.

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That looks great, I have a real Third world problem. My robot hoover comes out to clean when the house is empty, but because of the position of the rug it gets wedged between the bottom of the sofa and the rug. I want to be able to make the sofa recline when the robot hoover come out so that it can clean underneath them.

I was going to do this via an D1 Mini and MQTT but not sure on the circuit for the chair controls would you be able to share your connections and circuit for the chair control. ??

@napsio, Nice !
I did something simular with my couch :smiley:
Are you willing to share your ESPHome configuration ?

You can find the ESPHome configuration on my website: Lattenrost- und Couchmotor smart gemacht - Panbachi

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Thank you @napsio
I’m a newbie but managed to replicate the same.
I’m now working on how to keep the remote working as well as through the relay.
Any idea ?