Could I use those Garge door sensors with a Sonoff basic and send notifications?

I have a long driveway with a gate, it is already automated with a doorbird door controller and a couple cameras, but the problem is i want to know when someone is trapped inside the gate about to leave. Instead of a camera, I thought maybe I could use these, but I dont know how the wiring works. Please with one please let me know if I could use a sonoff + tasmota or some other device to tell HA when someone is blocking the sensors. Thanks.

Perhaps, if you can figure out the wiring and make them weatherproof, and if your driveway is narrow enough as those things dont tend have great range. You may be better off with something like this though:

Its going to have better range, its already weatherproof. To get a signal to HA, you could use a sonoff with tasmota or just any esp32 board.Those beam sensors will simply act as a switch that you can connect to a GPIO.

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So will it show as β€œon” when something stands in between?

Thats entirely up to you. The sensor can be wired as normally open or normally closed and if you are going to use mqtt you can of course define the messages completely as you wish.

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