Could it be better than home-assistant?

Hi, guys!
I love Home Assistant it’s great, but I recently found a new smart home system that has preinstalled ESPHome and Z-Wave. They have a beautiful app and the system is very easy to configure. You can check it out at
I found it very easy to work with ESPHome.
Have anyone tried it yet?

Nope, it’s just one of the multiple possibilities with open-source system. You can make some fully customised/modified versions if you want for your customers or like I do: make advanced customisations on it for high-end customers :wink:
Just don’t forget that if you go with a fork you support will be limited at community of that fork as standard tool has been modified and so regular support is no more working for that !

Side note: it looks very nice project but I’m surprised there is no indication of country/company behind it out of legal mentions that indicate Lituania and community forum is completely empty so be careful if you go this way as that project might not be up promises of their website and/or might disappear as quickly as it appeared (January 2022). If you try it give us some feedbacks about it, always interesting to know what people are building based on HA :slight_smile:

Your first post on the home assistant forum is to recommend an alternative home automation software solution that happens to be from the same country as you?

You wouldn’t be shilling for this company would you?


If it works, why not give it a try.
In time, I’ll try it on a test machine.

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I don’t have the time to learn a new system when I already have one that suits me well. Also I’m not a fan of how it looks.

No, I’m working on installing smart systems at home, and a friend’s friend recommended this system, and I was surprised.

Learning something new always pays off when you can do it faster and better later.

Most weird thing is that the author (who likes to call himself ‘we’) had actually no clue about https/SSL but rather was spreading (technically false) information’s and myth’s on his site. By the time of writing this post the passages on the website are corrected. You might wanna look up the internet archive for a good laugh :wink:

The privacy policy on the hand is no laugh to read…

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

You have the right to opt-out of the sale of Your personal information. Once We receive and confirm a verifiable consumer request from You, we will stop selling Your personal information. To exercise Your right to opt-out, please contact Us.
:point_right: Privacy policy

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Based on what you have learned, tell us about its advantages, and disadvantages, compared to Home Assistant. If the advantages appears to be compelling, others may be more willing to explore it.

BTW, pre-installing ESPHome and Z-Wave doesn’t amount to a notable advantage (they’re not that difficult to install).

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Hi Simanas,

If that were true, it still wouldn’t explain why “speeder” went to the effort of creating an account on this forum to write a suspiciously glowing, yet entirely vague review about a piece of software which appears to be used by precisely zero people aside from you.

I’ll take a wild guess and predict that this is your first big programming project after finishing your education? Don’t be embarrassed, that’s great! Maybe instead of pretending to be a satisfied customer, create an account under your real name, explain that you’ve developed your own server-side integration for ESPHome and invite people to experiment with your platform.

This isn’t a project that needs marketing, it’s a project which needs love and curiosity. It’s not going to get any of that unless you—its creator—can explain your motivations. What are you hoping to achieve with this project? How did alternatives like Home Assistant disappoint you, and how will your alternative platform remedy these problems?

Offer to bring people along with you and maybe someone will.