Could not load the Supervisor panel! (after trying to update from 2021.8.8 to 2021.9.2)

No! My gosh! I always read the release information. I know it is important, but I might taken more care at the breaking changes… That explains what happened… :persevere:

Well 3 years ago Debian looked like the best option to me and I was warned by a couple of the devs to steer away from Ubuntu that I was going to install…

Now it makes me think, since it already happened, if I should install Debian.

Install the 3 years old script?

No! Use the latest one!

My guess is that when the development team created os-agent they tested it exclusively on Debian and not Ubuntu (especially not an old version of Ubuntu). It might work on Ubuntu 18.04, or not.

So it might be risky…
Maybe I should install a Debian 11 and do it parallel, since my actual HA installation is still working.

Do you recommend any Debian flavour and partition size?

I just used the Bullseye ISO with non-free firmware on my NUC with a 240Gb SSD. I didn’t partition it - just allocated the whole disk to the one partition. Of course it was Stretch I think when I started (maybe). One tip I have is don’t set a root password when it asks as if you do it won’t automatically install sudo - you shouldn’t be using the root user anyway. I also didn’t add any packages apart from ssh server and I think it was standard utilities which is in the package list under ssh server… I reckon I could get a debian system setup from scratch with ha installed in maybe 30 minutes… (a bit longer to restore a snapshot as well)

Since I am using proxmox, I will have to give a partition size.
I found Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11
Where I see you participating in the thread.
I will have to take my time and read things and do it slowly. I like to annotate my steps also.
For now, thanks guys for helping me.

ah I setup a few in proxmox as well… I used 32Gb for my VM’s in there which I think is the default. (I run a dev instance there as well as a HA OS one)

I wrote that guide it’s pretty old, honestly I wouldn’t follow it now and it’s just run home assistant in docker without the supervisor etc … You will have to setup the add-ons as separate dockers manually IE. You won’t get the add-on automatic functionality but can do it all manually if that makes sense.

In my case, I install Debian 11 using cloud-init on my proxmox. Add some adjustment to my liking using ansible and whoalla it runs perfectly. Used to run Ubuntu but am now very happy with Debian since it rarely updates (once every 2 years)

BTW be sure to add AgentOS to your list of needs to install, oh currently some stats will be missing in supervisor.

for a distribution upgrade but security and other updates every week or so…

yeah… sorry for uncomplete information. I used autoupdate, so almost never run update, upgrade for a while.

hahaha… yeah well when there is a docker update that can bite you hard on the arse (auto update). I just run an update weekly.

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for Docker, I only update when WUD give me a notifications, so I can check and double check before upgrade the container.

If you’re not using the VM system OS for anything other than supporting Home Assistant, I’d recommend Home Assistant OS

Thanks for the tip, but the hardware shares other OS, also being my lab.

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Just to give you a feedback to all of you that kindly helped me:
Running a new installation: Proxmox > Debian 11 > Docker > HA 2021.9.3
I had minor problems that I could circunvent by myself. But now everything is ok.
Thank you all.