Could this Wireless Screen be used with Home Assistant?

I’ve had this screen for some time… used to use it many years ago with my drone.

I am wondering if it might be possible to somehow interface this screen with HA? I am not great when it comes to wireless interfaces, so I had hoped one of the gurus might be able to give me some advice.

Here’s some photos of specifications of the screen…

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Seems like a camera screen.
Unless it has a web browser and wifi then no.
And looking at the spec seems to say it has neither

I’ll give a little more context here -
This looks like an analog device, using “A/V” input. For something like a computer display, you’d want to use a digital output like VGA, DVI, or ideally HDMI (which is the standard now). Or DisplayPort.

The resolution of AV in is limited to 240 lines, i think. For comparison, a standard monitor has over 1000 lines (1080).

So while in theory you could get a computer to drive this, you probably wouldn’t want to.

Also, this won’t have touch ability, which is kinda (really) nice when setting up HA interfaces.

An inexpensive tablet or even an old Android phone would be a better choice.

Thanks for the feedback. Everything you’ve said makes perfect sense. I really just wanted to use the screen for status info, dont need anything like touch etc.

I am going to look at whether or not I can use a transmitter to transmit an analogue video signal to the screen. Perhaps I could capture a composite video signal from a raspberry pi or something like that. Or even find a HDMI to composite converter.

Another awesome time waster :laughing: