Couldn't download - Virus detected?

I have always compiled my bin file for manual download- hundreds of times. But today, I am met with: “Couldn’t download - Virus detected”

virus detected

Any ideas??

Sounds like your browser is being extra-cautious. Mine (Brave) gives me warnings and makes me jump through an extra few hoops to download them. Maybe try another browser?

Are you using Windows Defender?

This is the third post regarding false positives in various parts of HA (OS, backup and now ESPHome) because of it.

Thanks for the responses.

Good to know that the issue has appeared elsewhere.
I tried my usual troubleshooting technique of stripping the yaml file of components to isolate the offending one. So, to cut to the chase, I did, then started adding components back into the code and the bin file compiled and downloaded every time. So, I am back to the original code and it compiled and downloaded just fine.

Lessons learned for the next time this happens: Try another browser.

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