Couldn't restart, now wont start


I really could use a helping hand here.
I was experiencing wierd stuff, where things i changed in my configuration, didn’t update right… Then i noticed that hassio actually didn’t restart, when pressing the restart button. As it didn’t give me any config errors in the log or notification bars, i just thought - oh well, i’ll reboot my rPi…

Now wont start and i have no access to anything :frowning:

Any ideas?

Did you install the SSH add-on?

I did, but i am not able to access it now :s

I have gotten access to the data from the SD card, via a Linux Reader windows application. Can that be used? The backup files in there, are too old to be useful - I thought i had made a backup 2 days ago, but apparently it wasn’t made due to the same problem here

Sure, you can copy the files up after you do a fresh install.

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Oh i’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Do i copy all the files in the “homeassistant” directory? And do i need anything else?


Yes, copy everything there (Zip it up, including all the hidden files) - other than home-assistant_v2.db

That’s your Home Assistant config. Add-ons are held elsewhere, and I can’t help with those as I don’t use I’m afraid.

Okay, i will give it a shot!

Thanks alot for your help mate :slight_smile: