Count occurrences of "check-in" in device history

Hi there

For a long time I’ve wanted HA to help me out counting the number of days I’m actually at my place of work as opposed to working from home. The thing is that we here in Denmark can deduct mileage on the tax bill when driving to the office. Pre-covid I would be in the office everyday - simple, 220 work days per year multiplied by distance times deduct able amount per km. But know post-covid it’s different. I go 1-2-3 days a week to the office with no recurrering pattern.
HA to the rescue: I’ve added the BMWConnectedDrive integration, so I know now where my car is. I’ve created a zone at my office and can in the car location see when it’s been there. Now I want to count the occurrences of “check-ins” for my car at the office. Because if it’s there, I’m there and are then able to include that day in the mileage deduction. How do I make HA show me this count?

Thanks in advance