Counting electricity consumption with PV surplus

Hello everyone,

I have a domestic hot water heat pump Stiebel Warmwasser-Wärmepumpe WWK 300 and a PV system.

Using evcc, I have integrated a Shelly 1 which switches on the heat pump when there is a PV surplus. This also works without any problems.

I have plugged a Plug S in front of the heat pump so that I can measure my electricity consumption.

Unfortunately, I can now only see how much electricity I consume, but not what comes from the PV system and what comes from the “socket”.

Is there a way to count the power consumption when the Shelly 1 is switched on (i.e. PV surplus). I could then calculate total consumption - PV surplus and thus have consumption from the “socket”.

Thanks for your help

Greetings Diver