Counting zwave.node_events

I’m trying to using a zwave switch to do different things depending on how many times I hit the paddle. I’d like to be able to hit ‘on’ twice in under a second to perform a different action.

Right now it can tell if it hit it once by:

platform: event
event_type: zwave.node_event
  entity_id: zwave.basementstairsswitch
  basic_level: 99

Is there a way I can ask it to look for another event in the next second?

Update: I was able to make it work with input_booleans. It isn’t pretty and requires two automations. The first sees the first node event and turns the input_boolean to on, waits three seconds, then turns it off. The second checks to see if the input_boolean is on and if it is then does the requested action. Both use the trigger above.