Country of origin in profile of user on this forum

As I evolved from starter to experienced with use of HA, I’m active on this forum almost daily.
I try to help the recent starters where I can with my knowledge.

Well, I feel, that it happens a lot of time, when a question is posted, and especially about used or to-purchase hardware, that one very important information is always missing. The origin of the poster.

With hardware the question is often: What hardware to get to achieve this goal? And then it takes a whole discussion before we find out, that the OP is living in a country, where lot of product are not available. Or the mounting sizes differs. Or, like with Z-wave, there are local versions with specific frequency.

It will make it much easier to provide help to the point, when we could see somewhere on users profile, where he is from.

So my wish is, that a user profile contains a country of origin, so we can help better with this info.

Any thoughts about that?

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Haha, nailed! (no offense) At least, it would be more than helpful to know the requirements.

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