Cover automation

Today I use 7 Sonoff R2 module to control my covers with HA over wifi, but I don’t have any remote in my flat. My wife want me to add a remote on each cover, but I don’t want to make any hole in the wall.
So I’m searching for an alternative to replace the R2 module to not use WIFI but RF.
I found this module and this remote it use the 433 Mhz frequency but I don’t know if I can somehow use HA with this device and how.

I found the Sonoff RF bridge, I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to control multiple devices independently, since I’ll have to pair every module to the RF bridge does every module have it’s own “identifier” ?

Maybe some of you have another alternative solution, I would like to control the cost and keep it low less than 40$/cover with the remote.

I found this module I’m wondering how I can send a command through the Sonoff RF Bridge