Cover: Close Tilt to Percentage

In the Cover service commands, we have all the usual commands you’d expect to see for covers with the exception of one: Close to a percentage.

You have
open/open tilt
close/close tilt
stop/stop tilt
tilt percentage/set tilt
toggle tilt

So if I want to close the blinds to 25% when LX hits X, there’s a simple command to make it go to the percentage I want but I have to call the blind first to make sure it’s not closed, otherwise instead of “closing blind to 25%” it’s actually ‘opening the blind to 25%’.

Certainly not the end of the world but if we have a ‘close to x percentage’ command it would only close if it were open without another qualifier. But polling your blinds is easy, why wouldn’t you just do that? lets just say that I made some poor choices in my smart home decision a few years/$1000’s ago and the polling used for the blinds can be kinda hit or miss. But if HA already knows the last blind state from whenever my last poll was, it can then just close blinds to 25% and leave the others alone.

It’s kinda like the off command for lights, you can transition lights that are on to turn off over 30 seconds, but it doesn’t turn lights on to do that. It ONLY affects those that are on. Similar concept with what I want out of a 'close to percentage" command for covers. Only open covers will be affected.