☀️ Cover Control Automation (CCA) - a comprehensive and highly configurable roller blind blueprint

I currently have no idea if and how I should do this. There are currently a few construction sites that have a higher priority. But I will keep an eye on the ticket.

Hi Mario and David,

I’ve seen your posts and I’ll have a look at that.

I’ve been on vacation for a few days and haven’t had a chance to look at it further yet.

The waiting time is a legacy issue that I have left unchanged. I was hoping that someone had thought of something. It really is the case that the wait is only in the sequence. And not in the trigger like I do everywhere else.

I can change that. It would also be more logical for me. And I hope that this doesn’t create a new problem. It could very well be that the former developer Eimeel had something in mind. We’ll see.

My shading and close positions are the same. Shading multiple times is possible. Why not closing?

Thanks, thounds reasonable as force open during rain is a typical feature for a „shade only blind“ aka Markise rather than for a regular blind. Looking forward to your change. Thanks again!

hey…vacation is good to come down from all these things here ;)…
I set the end waiting time to 30min and i can say, if all conditions in the evening are true to open the cover, there is no delay, also in the morning, when it should close.
So if there is a waiting time (delay), i think there should be only one, which is activ between start and ending…start should be, if all conditions are true, but ending!!..im not sure!

But today i had another problem with the ventilation!
I have a cover which opens via sun elevation (4) and automatic shading (7). It works as it should. Now i tried to ad a door sensor for ventilation (opening the cover). But if the door opens nothing happens, the cover still has its shading positon. Here is the trace for that: https://controlc.com/c97db96c
On the other hand, if the cover is open (manually) and i close the door, the cover will close, but not to the shading position (50), it will fully close! why? I dont know!

This is my code:

alias: Sol styring
description: ""
  path: hvorragend/cover_control_automation.yaml
      - auto_brightness_enabled
      - auto_down_enabled
      - auto_up_enabled
    blind: cover.venstre_gardin_gardin_port
    default_brightness_sensor: sensor.lyssensor_belysningsstyrke
    brightness_down: 5000
    brightness_up: 5800
    brightness_time_duration: 0

The roler goes down on 5800 lx, but nothin happens at 5000lx (expected to go up!).
What is wrong?

Please. I need a trace to be able to answer that.

i figured out another “problem” as i wrote before! I enabled the lockout protection. The door was open, sensor was “on” but the cover still closed! that shouldn’t happen i think!
Here is the trace: 2e938048 - contact sensor

New update:

  - Fixed: Do not recognise manual movement if status is unknown
  - Updated: Change the step size for the brightness values to 1
  - Fixed: Made the force function easier with fewer conditions
  - Added: Make it possible to open and close the roller blinds multiple times
  - Added: The forecast sensor can now trigger the sun shading #48
  - Added: Delay between set_cover_position and set_cover_tilt_position.
  - Added: Lockout protection implemented at the start and end of shading. #43/#55 (Attention: Cover may close in the evening after contact is closed again!)
  - Fixed: Retriggering of the shading is possible again. Open/close branches are only started if automation is not already running.

First of all, congratulations for all this work, this blueprint seems perfect!
Firstly, I would like to be able to close the shutter when the outside temperature becomes too high (above 23°, to be able to keep the house cool). I would acquire a light sensor in a second step. Is it possible ?

To normally close the blind or to activate the sun protection / sun shading?

Sun shading is possible with any temperature.

Just try it and you will see. I hope. :smiley:

Should be fixed now in v2024.05.15-01.

Ok, just using temperature ? i don’t need a luminosity sensor ?

Urgent: Update available!
Previous version from today has an error!

  - Quick workaround, as opening and closing does not currently work.
  - Minor changes
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Please take a look at the blueprint and have a look at which fields I have marked as optional. Then you will see that both are possible separately and together.

I’m sorry to answer like this, but I would like to assume that you have a little initiative. Support questions of this kind are sometimes a bit time consuming. Sorry.

thx for that, i will test and reply :slight_smile:

look at the “sun shading temperature”!

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Hmm, I’ve given it a little thought. It is true that retriggering is now possible if there is a matching trigger.
But if you check a lower value to end the shading (< Shading End Value), a delay is not canceled because there is no opposite trigger (> Shading End Value).
There are only the triggers for (> Shading Start Value) and there could be a large number range between the two.

I still have to come up with something here.

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The ventilation works now, BUT if i use “sun shading” the cover should close to this value when ventilation stops, but it didn’t, it closes to the “close position” value and “closing” is NOT activated!
And there is also another thing if i use ventilation, it should only work, if the cover is closed (equal wich position) and during the conditions of “sun shading” and “sun elevation”. Actually it will close the cover, equal which position it has before and equal which time it is!
Here is a trace from the morning: 336c8b38 - ventilation start with sun!
-cover was open → open the door → close the door → cover closes to the NOT activated “close postion” (in this case it should be stay open, because before it was also open!)

Topic: Shading - a story of mysteries :wink:

Upfront: the “force immediate shading” switch seems not to work anymore since the last upgrade (or the following hotfix)

Why did I notice that? Now we get to the “mystery” part … or to be more serious, the question when does shading really get triggered.

I have some windows to the east and some to the west. For the west side, everythings in the afternoon works as expected (regular open/close via time and/or sunset; ventilating; shading (via forecast, brightness and inddor temperature sensor).

But on the east side the shading almost never gets triggered (that’s why I use a helper switch to trigger the “force shading” and noticed that it doens’t work anymore (yes I handle the resetting of that myself, so that it doesn’t block the regular handling)).

After a few days of observation and tessting, my assumption is, that the shading almost never happens, because the shading conditions are already all met these days, when the regular opening via timer happens relatively late at 8 or 9 o’clock.

At this time of year the sun at that time is already over the azimuth/level defined for shading and also, as it already fully hits the windows, the brightness sensor is also well above the defined limit and the indoor temperature is as well.

Now the timer based opening happens, and it seems not to check, that the shading criteria is already met. But afterwards the shading also doesn’t happen, when all criteria are already met, as the azimuth/level seem not to trigger anything and the other ones don’t cross the trigger limits again. Only if they change below and over again (ie. brightness due to temporary clouds; or new the forecast trigger) it starts shading.

Could that be? And if yes … what could be the solution?

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