Cover. garadget

Need help with cover.garadget:

See existing identical question from Gitter. I can’t seem to find where there would have been a response? I went back and re-configured everything. It seemed to work fine before the HASS.IO v51 updates.

No errors in the log. Garadget loads and shows it is pulling the values. So, if I look in the entity ID, cover.garage_door, the field are there and updated. but yet those two fields - wif signal strength and time in state are blank and unknown in the dashboard:
“wifi_signal_strength”: “-38”,
“time_in_state”: “0s”,
“sensor_reflection_rate”: “9”,
“access_token”: “”,
“friendly_name”: “Garage Door”,
“supported_features”: 11,
“device_class”: “garage”

So I checked the group config and it matches the online guidance.

  name: Garage door
    - cover.garage_door
    - sensor.garage_door_status
    - sensor.garage_door_time_in_state
    - sensor.garage_door_wifi_signal_strength

Am I missing something? Thoughts appreciated.

Older post from Gitter - same question.
ha-n00b @ha-n00b Jan 06 03:12
Need help with cover.garadget: Can’t figure out how to get time in state, state, and wifi strength to show up. I have grouped all the items together but can only see the up down arrow and square icon. State is always blank; time in state and wifi strength show ‘unknown’ and ‘unknown db’ respectively

Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue. Wifi and Since do not populate.

Partially -
Time in state is now this:
```value_template: ‘{{ states.cover.garage_door.attributes[“time_in_state”] }}’``
I suspect the wifi strength has a similar issue related to the change in attribute name or value template format. I tried a few times and could get the strength to show up but not the wording.

I hope that helps a little.

It did thanks! Such a simple change!

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Solved: For anyone else, here is the full config for time in state, strength and a bonus, the reflection rate (which I will use to check for seasonal variation/strange readings).

        friendly_name: 'Last Opened'
        value_template: '{{ states.cover.garage_door.attributes["time_in_state"] }}'
        friendly_name: 'WiFi strength'
        value_template: '{{ states.cover.garage_door.attributes["wifi_signal_strength"] }}'
        unit_of_measurement: 'dB'
        friendly_name: 'Reflection Strength'
        value_template: '{{ states.cover.garage_door.attributes["sensor_reflection_rate"] }}'
        unit_of_measurement: ''

Perfect! Thanks!

Its an old thread but i think this question extends rather than needing a new one…

As noted we see time_in_state like this -

and it counts up over time e.g. “5m 10s” or “2h”, etc

Trying to get an automation where i can test againt a number value to determine if it was open just recently - say in the last 30s or so…

Any suggestions how to convert the time_in_state to a pure count of seconds?

(i have some some false positive with the garage - when HA thinks its state has opened but checking the garadget app or the time_in_state sensor it is a long time since opened - so wanted to have a condition in the automation to only alert if time_in_state correlates it!

appreciate and help/pointers!