Cover group grays out buttons for open or close


I have a cover group with two shutters. One shutter is an RTS controlled Somfy shutter. This does not report back position - it’s receive only. The other shutter is a Velux shutter. This second shutter does report position (as a percentage).

When I add this cover group to my UI I get the Open, Stop, Close buttons.

If the Velux shutter is 100% open then the Open button is grayed out; if it’s 0% open then the Close button is grayed out. This means that I cannot use the group to open the RTS shutter if the Velux is already 100% open. (and vice versa if the Velux is Closed).


Is there a way to disable this automatic disabling of the controls based on a single group member’s position?

AFAIK you cannot change that behavior, but you could create a cover template as your “group” so you have better control of all the covers you want to control. I use templates all the time as pseudo groups for reasons like this, I want more control or the UI limits me in some way.