Cover Group State

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I found exactly my Question here, but unfortunately it was not answered:

So I have a group of 5 Covers, and when one of them is “opened” the state of the whole group turns to “open”.
I would like to have a automation that triggers when all covers in the group are open, and I thought it would work with the group instead of adding all the covers one by one.
Am I doing something wrong?

I’m on the newest Hassos & Home Assistant 2021.1.1

All groups, irrespective of device class, uses the definition that the group is on if at least one entity is on, where on in your case means open (i.e. any boolean true state).

Did you see this:

I don’t know if it works the same for cover groups tho.

Hm. I thought this is it, but the cover group doesnt accept this parameter.

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So I could just make a group and add the covers as entities, but then I have no cover controls in Lovelace.
But then the open/close state is like I want it to be.
So I think I will workaround this by using the normal group for the automation trigger.

But implementing the all: parameter would be perfect for the cover group