[Cover] Missing Functionality (Locking, Rain-, Wind-, Frost-alarm)

Hello to all,

with this Feature Request I want to draw your attention to the following Requests and Discussions
about the missing functionality of the topics in the header.

There are multiple Requests, Discussions, and others, to implement at least the locking mechanism.
My Idea was to use this Request as a summary of all. Maybe we get a “critical mass” to further drive
the discussion(s).


Home Assistant Community:

Feature Requested:

  1. Locking Mechanism:
    Cover stops when it gets locked (for example if you open a window or balcony door and don’t want to be locked out :smiley:)
    UI should also show some indication that its not possible to drive the cover.
  2. Alarms:
    This wished Feature is currently not defined in detail but the discussion allready gave some ideas.
  • One implementation would be to handle a active alarm like locking the cover (it can not be driven).
  • Another idea would be to select what to do when a certain Alarm gets activated (and also its not possible to drive the cover away from the selected position):
    – Rain Alarm: Drive cover to the bottom (e.g. to prevent windows from getting dirty)
    – Wind Alarm : Drive cover to the top (e.g. to prevent the cover from getting damaged)
    xx_alarm_behaviour could be to_top, to_bottom, do_nothing (stop at the current position), continue_after (continue with the last position attempt)

I’m open to any discussion :smiley:.