Cover tilt funtion does not show in HA app

Hit there, i am starting to learn more and more about HA.
I got some Sonoff switches working on mqtt, and have hue bridge working.

Now i am on my next project, i purchased a smart tilt blind kit which is a bit of hardware based on the ESP8266 and a servo. I want to be able to control it with mqtt.
Where i bought from uses it also with mqtt but on a different platform so his guide does not help me much.
I did use his arduino code

I managed to get the servo working with HA om the computer. Using the following in the Yaml


  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Cover”
    qos: 0
    tilt_command_topic: ‘MK-SmartHouse/utilities/MK-BlindsControl1’
    tilt_status_topic: ‘MK-SmartHouse/utilities/MK-BlindsControl1’
    tilt_min: 0
    tilt_max: 100
    tilt_closed_value: 10
    tilt_opened_value: 90

I got a nice little blind icon and diagonal arrows to us as controls.

Only thing is that on my phone i don’t get these arrows and slider.
On my phone in the app i get the up and down arrows, but obviously the do nothing.

Does anyone have an idea how to correct that?


Isn’t there anyone using the blinds tilt function in the app?
The tilt works great in the home screen on my pc or phone.

But the tilt does not show up on the app

I’m trying to set this same thing up myself currently. Got the config stuff down alright but having an issue with the sketch I’ve tried to modify.

Any chance you could post a link to the sketch you used?

I don’t know if i am allowed to post this, but i’ll give it a try.
Down on this page you will find the link to the ino file.

I also got the hardware from him, and i did not manage yet to program the esp with an ftdi adapter. I do it with an Arduino Uno.

On this forum there is also a topic about it, but i haven’t tried that code yet.

Thanks. The MK Smarthouse one does seem a bit over the top for what I’m trying to accomplish but I might be able to work it out. I plan to program the ESP directly from the IDE interface.

The other sketch from the HA forum sets his blinds up as a MQTT light, not a cover and I’m not sure that tilt would work then.

Why would that be over the top?
It seems like a lightweight solution to me.

I still don’t understand why the tilt doesn’t show up in my app