Cover - uses same command for open and close

I have an mqtt cover that uses a PGM command on my alarm to open and close it. The command though, is ON. Ie if door is close, ON will start it opening. Once the door is open, ON again will close it. So it’s a momentary switch I guess.

How can I sent the ON command regardless, but once the command is passed, set it back to OFF.

Here’s the config:

- platform: mqtt
  name: 'Garage Door'
  state_topic: "sensors/d1mini/garage-sensor/reed/state"
  command_topic: "Paradox/C/PO/1"
  availability_topic: "sensors/d1mini/garage-sensor/$online"
  payload_available: "true"
  payload_not_available: "false"
  payload_open: "on"
  payload_close: "on"
  device_class: "garage"

Hmm not to worry…it actually works anyway. I just need to remember to add a little delay between opening and closing.

I have the Paradox alarm working on HA but only to switch on and off the alarm.

Are you using the PGM of Paradox from HA?

Yes. Using a different service to above, but similar.

Using: now so the command line is a little different, but its pretty close.

Is the installation on hassio like this?


  1. Download the files in this repository and place it in some directory
git clone
  1. Copy config/pai.conf.example to /etc/pai/pai.conf and edit it to match your setup. The file uses Python syntax.
mkdir -p /etc/pai
cp config/pai.conf.example /etc/pai/pai.conf
edit /etc/pai/pai.conf as needed

Alternatively see #Configuration section for supported file locations.

  1. Install the python 3.6 and its requirements.
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

I don’t know hassio sorry. I use a home assistant docker container on an ubuntu machine…so pai is running in docker as well.

Isn’t docker hidden from you in hassio?
And have mqtt running somewhere as well.