Covers in Apple Home app

I have two garage doors and a front gate setup in HA using cover templates.
The 3 entities each have a unique_id defined, so I can customise settings in the HA UI.
So, the two garage doors have device_class ‘garage’ and area set to ‘Garage’. The front gate has device_class ‘gate’ and it’s area is set to ‘Driveway’. All three are shared to Homekit from HA Bridge.
In the Apple Home App, I have assigned the garage doors to the ‘Garage’ room and the front gate to the ‘Driveway’ room. Each opening is individually controlable from the Home app and using Siri.
However, whenever I want to open both the garage doors together, Siri always opens the front gate aswell. ie I say, “Siri, Open all garage doors”, and Siri opens both doors and the gate. If I say, “Siri, Open the Garage Doors”, Siri Asks which doors I want to open and lists all 3 entities!
Has anyone else encountered this behaviour and, if so, is there a solution to help Siri distinguish the garage doors located in the ‘Garage’ room from the front gate located in the ‘Driveway’ room? Just wondering is there’s anything I can tweak in the HA template definition to fix it?