Covers with momentary switches

Hi there,

i am currently running openhab, but would like to take a closer look at home assistant. Im struggling to get my zwave devices running though.

I am running the latest docker image (just pulled 10 minutes ago), zwave connects just fine and all my devices are listed. My plugin dimmer module is working fine, but i am having trouble with my rollershutters.

First of all, heres a paste of the node in zwcfg: r5j4YaYr

As you can see, there are theres a level value, which i can somewhat set via home assistant, but it more like: If i set it above the current level, it will go all the way up, if i set it below, it will go all the way down.
Thene there are the buttons for “Bright” and “Dim”. These show up as separate switches in openhab, each with an up, down and stop button. None of these buttons work.

If i try it with ozwcp, there buttons DO work, but they are momentary switches. As long as i keep the button pressed, it will go in the appropriate direction.

Unfortunately i cannot find any form of documentation about how HA actually uses the zwcfg-xml, so i dont know if maybe i need to change something to get it to work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Edit: Sorry for the borked pastebin link, somehow the forum would not let me post a proper link, because “only 2 links are allowed”.