COVID-19 Coronavirus Integration US

Maybe numbers are getting too high but US Covid Integration is not fully reporting…but for US only. Others are fine.

Several errors reported some python, Only this one today, Has been happening for at least 1 week, Tried to reload it. as pictured only as “Current” and “Recovered” as Unknown.


Logger: homeassistant.components.coronavirus
Source: helpers/
Integration: Coronavirus (COVID-19) (documentation, issues)
First occurred: December 29, 2020, 5:40:22 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: December 29, 2020, 5:40:22 PM

Timeout fetching coronavirus data

Same issue here, I assumed that the US stopped reporting numbers as it broke at around the time when there was some mutter about them (the US) breaking away from the WHO.

I’ve tried to find an alternate data source but no luck so far.

Probably the integration is the issue, as it is not WHO but from John Hopkins University (footnote). I notice that some other countries are fine, but it may be that the information is different at the source for the US.

With the first January release of HA, the US integration is still lacking the data points but is working better and I have not had to reload the US a few times a day, as before it.

Hi, All, I am wondering if a more powerful wizard could use this information to fix this integration? The current json file that displays the world and US covid numbers is

Which, at the time of this writing, contains the following text:


Is fixing this just a simple matter of correcting the json URL used by this integration?

So, the answer to my previous question turns out to be yes. That json file listed above does indeed provide a real time number for Coronavirus cases and deaths, quite reliably. If you are interested, here’s a very ugly way to do it, maybe someone with better skills will take this information and do something prettier with it, but here is a sensor that will work for USA:

in configuration.yaml file, I include sensors.yaml, and in sensors.yaml, I define this:

- platform: command_line
  name: Rona 
  command:  curl | awk -F'[:"{},]' '{print $21, $34}'
  scan_interval: 60

Which simply grabs that URL once, and pipes the data to awk to yank out only the information I want. When you query that sensor, you see:

42674082 684360

The first number is the USA total coronavirus confirmed cases, the second is the USA confirmed deaths.

It’s shocking to see how quickly that number still rises!

Anyway, if you were looking for the Coronavirus integration, it’s broken.

This little sensor gives me what I wanted, if it’s useful to anyone, well, enjoy. :slight_smile:

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