CozyLife apply

I am the developer of cozylife, which is a smart home platform. These are our website
We have developed a home assistant Integrations, hope you can approve it.
Here is our link:
GitHub - cozylife/hass_cozylife_local_pull: home asstiant plugin

Do you have a web site that isn’t simply a QR code?

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Hey! Yesterday I received 2 of your HomeKit-enabled smart sockets, and tried to add them to HA through the HomeKit Controller integration. The first socket was added without problems, but the second one was not, due an error:

Platform homekit_controller does not generate unique IDs. ID homekit-10000031-12 already exists

It seems that all sockets use the same identifier and they simply cannot be added to HomeAssistant. Please fix it in the firmware update or let’s figure out how to fix it here.

Thanks. does not only have a QR code, but has actual content.
It may be slower to load for the first time.

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I encoutered the same issue as @okuznetcov. A unique ID makes it a more decent device.

See below for a third-party custom component of the cozylife light.

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I’m interested in adding cozylife lights to Home Assistant. Has a pull request been made to the Home Assistant repository?

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Hello there, any updates on when this would be officially added to HA?

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please can you help with an easier integration, follow other companies with “click and integrate” like : IKEA TRÅDFRI - Home Assistant

i have tried to follow the instructions to get my “SmartSocket” into Home Assistant but it do not work.

You can do better than this:


  • A home assistant environment that can access the external network
  • clone the repo to the custom_components directory
  • configuration.yaml


Since it support HomeKit I would have prefer to install it from HomeKit device integration in HA but unfortunately when I remove it from iOS home app it reset the configuration and loose the connexion to wifi network. Is there any fix for that ?

Hello, i just bought two of these (SIXWGH Smart Home Socket WiFi 20A EU Plug Cozylife Power Monitor )sockets with energy metering capabilities. Everything is working fine on the Cozy App but on Home Assistant only the switch part is working not the energy metering.

Can you advice on how i could enable this feature?

I have some tuya devices that work as expected with HA and it is not practical to have a new application for each brand i install.