Cozytouch integration


I’ve been trying to integrate my climate system into Home Assistant. I have a heat pump called Alféa EXTENSA AI 13 that has double functionality: hot and cooling system. I can remotely control it using my mobile phone with Cozytouch app, but I want to control it with HA.

I’ve added Overkiz integration (Overkiz - Home Assistant) but with no success. It recognizes 2 devices (Cozytouch and HP_Actuator) and more than 30 sensors (related with temperature, consumption and tariff). Some of the information displayed in HA is OK, but it doesn’t work properly:

  • When I turn the entity service on and off, with climate.turn_on, climate.turn_off, my heat pump doesn’t change it state. There are different error messages: HP_Actuator Identify unavailable or can’t call climate/set_hvac_mode. Too many requests, try again later (–> the last one I have read that it’s a known issue)

  • I can’t see any option available for cooling. I only see heating option.

  • When I turn the heat pump ON for cooling (via cozytouch or physically in the heat pump), status doesn’t change in Home Assistant (but the temperature is updated!)

  • Sometimes, while I am trying to change the state via Home Assistant, the screen in the Heat Pump starts blinking

I don’t know if my device is not compatible with this integration.I have tried another integration from HACS which is now deprecated (but still working) and the result was more or less the same.

Has anyone integrated this heat pump into Home Assistant?

Thank you very much!

Best is to create an issue on GitHub, if you haven’t done this yet.