CPU and memory usage went up

Hi. My RPi4/8gb has been stable for years on about 10 % ish cpu and memory usage. Since yesterday afternoon my cpu temp has risen from 47 ish stable to 55 ish stable and memory usage from 10 ish to up to 30 or more (it climbs after restart). I cant remember if I upgraded something, I know I added a ESP32 BT Proxy node.

Anybody else noticed this behavior recently?

Do you use the Tibber integration?

This issue seems to be causing high CPU use:

Thanks but no I dont. I pulled the plug from the ESPHome BT Proxy now, I will monitor what happens.

It has been running now for a little while without the ESPHome BT Proxy and memory usage is down but it certainly has a new character than before 17 yesterday. CPU seems to have stayed on a higher level. Is there any convenient way of checking what it is that is taking recources?

Something weird is going on. Just after 03 tonight the recource utilization went down to old levels. I did not touch it, it just went down. Does anyone have an idea whats goin on? Some cleanup process?