CPU Load plus 1 (not a real HA question)

Hi Everybody,

Since a few weeks I am sniffing at Home Assistant. I am still working with Openhab. Both are installed on a NUC5i5RYH-8GB in a docker container. Other docker services are running on this NUC are LMS, Frontail, InfluxDB18, InfluxDB261, DeCONZ, ESPhome and Mosquitto. Because of the automatic graphs in HA I notice something particular with my system.

The CPU load increases what looks like plus 1 (+1).
This happens not every day but if it does it happens roundish 23:00.
If I do a “reboot now” of the system it goes back to the “normal” (?) CPU load level.

What could have caused this?

DSMR?: I was hoping I could read DSMR on both HA and Openhab with 1 P1 USB serial converter, This already worked for Openhab, in HA only at the start it was receiving data but it generated in the log a lot of “Invalid telegram; CRC checksum” (4 second interval), inside Openhab it was working still fine until 23:00 when the tariff changed from high to low and the bridge broke.
However the DSMR integration was not installed yet roundish 21/3 23:00 (the first +1).

So, in other words likely not related to HA and/or DSMR, anyone have an idea?