CPU load stuck at 0.16 for about 1h30m several times a day


I run HA supervised from OVA on a VM (2 vCPUs, 3GB of RAM) on VMware Workstation running on a Windows computer.

All works fine, but I realised that the CPU load (1 minute) is at 0.16 and does not go below that for a period of 1,5 hours approximately (sometimes for up to 3 hours), several times a day (random times, never the same time). The rest of the time CPU load is lower than that, all the way down to 0 most of the time.

I ran a “top” command during one of these periods and only found what you can see in the screenshot, no process seems to be using the CPU.

I understand that if this was caused by a snapshot or some periodic process, it would happen at the same time/s every day, but times are completely random.

I have a scheduled restart of HA (not the host) at 5.50am every day.

Can anyone think of anything that would be causing this?


Anyone has any ideas? Thanks!