CPU spike after midnight

2024.4.0, running home assistant core on a debian VM with a bunch of integrations, no containers.

I’ve recently improved my monitoring so can’t tell if this is a new behaviour or not but every night between 0000 and 0100 the CPU on my HA host spikes.

Running top sees the hass process taking up 100% CPU during this period. HA otherwise works fine.

Pyspy doesn’t support the version of Python I’m using (3.12 from memory).

Any tips on how to investigate?

Do you have backups enabled?

Not that I’m aware of, unless it’s a default option (I don’t see backups generated).

I’ve read something about database maintenance?

If you have DB purge on then yes, you will see a spike. Which DB engine are you using? MariaDB or SQLite?

Automatic database operations happen at 4:12am.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 11-21-28 Recorder

It is something else. A look at your logbook might reveal what.

I use postgres for the backend. I do not have purge enabled.

Logbook doesn’t show anything interesting unfortunately.